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July 19 - CJ starts the next chapter in his racing career, with the purchase of his 358 Sprint car. Watch for his updated 2014 schedule.

June 15
- After catching fire at Lincoln and burning a piston at Grandview, we finally got the car back together. This past Friday night got rained out at Linda's and the previous weekend at Path Valley, CJ started 12th and finished 8th. This coming weekend, CJ will be racing the Legend at Trail-Way on Friday and Lincoln on Saturday. Then Sunday it's back to the kart for the BMS Series at Shippensburg Speedway.

May 18
- Saturday CJ raced at Path Valley. He started 14th and finished 8th. This weekend is Lincoln on Sat and Grandview on Sun.

May 5
- This past weekend, CJ ran at Trail-Way Speedway. CJ led all 20 laps to get his first Legends win!!  Trail-Way Press Release

April 22
- This past weekend, CJ ran at Trail-Way Speedway. He started 15th and was passing for 2nd, when he got into the #15 of Lucas Montgomery, sending Lucas spinning. CJ got penalized and finished 7th. This Saturday the 26th CJ will be at Lincoln Speedway and at Selinsgrove Speedway on Sunday the 27th racing karts at the Burris $$ Series.

April 15
- This past weekend, CJ ran at Path Valley. He started 17th and finished 8th. Another top ten finish and some great seat time.

April 6
- Friday night racing at Trail-Way was a wash out. Saturday night was Susquehanna Speedway Park. CJ had a great run, getting his first top 5 in the legend car, after 3 races, finishing 5th. This coming weekend is Linda's Speedway and Path Valley. Video

March 31
- This past weekend was a wash out. This weekend CJ will be racing at Trail-Way on Friday night and Susquehanna on Sat night.

March 22
- Season Opener @ Trailway Speedway went well for CJ.
He started 16th and finished 8th. It was your typical daytime, dusty,
slick track. Next weekend the 29th will be Lincoln Speedway.

March 15
- Practice day at Lincoln Speedway went well. Video
Next Saturday the 22nd will be the season opener @ Trail-way.


updated schedule soon.....